What An Event!

What An Event! April 6, 2018Leave a comment

I am so happy I finally got to present one of my digital courses LIVE in person: Instant Confidence Secrets. I believe confidence is the precursor to doing great things in business and no matter who you are: You need more confidence.

We all do…

This event was filled with aha moments, laughs, inappropriate references, and instantly actionable strategies for maximum confidence. You missed the live version but if you’d like to get your hands on a digital copy, go here: www.opposedmediasocial.com/confidence

Keep an eye out here and on Facebook for upcoming events and any cities I am in because we always have an event or meet up not too far away. In 2017, we held 13 events and this year (2018) we are at I believe 5.

Nov 17-20 Taipei, Taiwan
Nov 20-23: Kaoshung, Taiwan
Nov 23-27: Taipei, Taiwan
Nov 27-17: Phuket, Thailand
Dec 18: Bangkok, Thailand
Dec 21-29: Vancouver, Canada
Dec 30-2: Hong Kong
Jan 2-14: Phuket, Thailand
Jan 15-17: Bangkok, Thailand
Jan 18-22: Manila, PH
Jan 23-6: Phuket, Thailand
Feb 8-18: Austin, TX
Feb 21: Denver, CO
Feb 22: Los Angeles, CA
Feb 26-28: San Diego, CA
March 5-7: Shanghai, China
March 8-1: Davao, PH
April 2-5: Manila, PH
April 6-7: Davao, PH
April 8-10: Sydney, Australia
April 10: Zhengzhou, China
April 12: Beijing, China
April 14: Pyongyang, North Korea
April 17: Beijing, China
April 18-22: Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam
April 22-26: Da Nang, Vietnam
April 26: Phuket, Thailand

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