10 Tips For Dating An Internet Marketer

10 Tips For Dating An Internet Marketer May 16, 2018Leave a comment

1. He will own more domain names than you will shoes. Get over it and buy more shoes. Show him who’s boss

2. Try to have sex early in the day before ClickFunnels goes down, or else he may not be able to get it up anymore

3. Save your own money because you’ll probably be supporting him like a college bum while he pretends he is an internet baller

4. Expect him to stare into a screen more than your eyes. When he does this, simply remind him the screen isn’t the one paying the bills yet

5. He is lazy by default so if you want extra stuff in the relationship, don’t ask for it all upfront – instead use his own tricks against him by seducing him with an innocent tripwire offer then guilt him with an up sell after you do something nice

6. Make sure to get couples massages regularly to soothe all that carefree laptop lifestyle, I mean *hunched-over-the-death-screen-for-17-hours* stress

7. If he asks to move to Chiang Mai Thailand, say “no babe, we need to move where people who actually make monies live”

8. He won’t be able to stop talking about marketing. Like ever. So just give up and pretend you are listening when you are really just thinking about that amazing court drama he interrupted to tell you about some stupid squeeze page.

9. Support his dreams but don’t put up with his info junkie, non-stop consumption crap. Make him work to close deals and make real money, not sit around with his many mistresses named Kern, Deiss, Kennedy, Miller, And Vaynerchuk

10. If he changes his business idea every 12 days, change boyfriends

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