A Big Secret To Building A Personal Brand On Social Media Today

A Big Secret To Building A Personal Brand On Social Media Today April 4, 2018Leave a comment

This is quite possibly the biggest secret to getting clients on social media and I’m sorry for not releasing this before, it was dancing on the tip of my tongue for a while now. 

Bear with me, this might not be the most elegant explanation because it’s new to me, but if you can understand this, it should start to click for you. 

You don’t have to be super successful to start getting a lot of clients. You don’t have to fake an epic life, you don’t have to post 20 times per day, you don’t even need to be successful yet at all. 

What you need to do is show consistent active proof of upward momentum. 

People don’t care how good you were or even how good you are right now, what they respond to on Social media is the “alive-ness”… are you on an active upward momentum spiral where they can see you are “on the up and up”.

Tai Lopez is an excellent example of this taken to the extreme. The movement in his life is undeniable. You can create this for yourself even if you are just out to get a cup of coffee. Movement is everything. Casey Neistat, his videos are movement. 

I’ll flesh this out specifically over the coming months, and I’ll go deeper into things like how being alive on social media proves your excitement and commitment to your market, and how showing up daily for them allows them to fully trust you in today’s world… but this partially explains how many people start getting a huge influx of new clients through social media even without big wins or proof – it’s the energy and excitement of the forward movement (and your excitement) that your market can feel which is acts like a magnet and sucks them in.

The excitement has to be consistent, like daily, and the momentum and movement must be as literal as it is figurative – they need to know you aren’t sitting at home all day.

Going a tad bit further with this, boasting about past accomplishments + no “alive-ness” on social media = dead. 

If you are resting on accomplishments of the past, your market will punish you – they don’t care. They only trust what you are doing right now.

Consistent active proof of upward momentum.

One of the biggest problems creating new content is figuring out what the hell to write about.

The problem isn’t that you don’t know what to write about, it’s that you have too much you want to write about so you always and jam it into a single post.

It’s either that or you try and talk about a big topic in a short amount of time.

And because there’s too many concepts packed into a single article, you don’t have the time or space to go deeper into them and so your content stays generic and surface level.

One of my tricks for choosing what to write about is to do the opposite of how most people go about it.

Most people choose a big topic and try to write something about it, getting more specific as they go, where i like to do the opposite of that.

I like to zero in on one specific micro point within that subject, and flesh it out from there vs most people who start with a big vague idea and try to chunk down.

This allows all those aha moments to come to the surface because I’m fishing in the deep waters to begin with. I never know how my posts will turn out until they are finished, but I trust the process of starting deep.

A big reason your content isn’t punchy and hard hitting is because you are tackling too big of an idea and therefore only have time to skip around the surface of it.

Most of the posts i see would be much better if they were fleshed out into 5 separate posts!

It’s much easier to pick one small specific point of one subject and flesh that out in all directions then it is to try and start vague.

Specificity is what creates that content where people go “wow”.

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