Do You Know What It Means To Be Catfished?

Do You Know What It Means To Be Catfished? April 4, 2018Leave a comment

Dating profile shows a beautiful woman. She says all the right things and pushes all your buttons. 

Then you meet her in real life and… 



You’ve been catfished, or more accurately, you’ve been scammed. 

A classic bait and switch. 

And that’s exactly what you are doing to people if you position yourself to be known as good at something before you are good at it. 

This is a warning, plea, and cautionary advice that can save you years of agony. 

I have been irresponsible in much of my content because I assume everyone has some sort of skill they are positioning themselves for yet I see too many people trying to position themselves as successful, rich, or an expert when none of those things are true. 

That’s being a scammer guys. There’s no way to soften it. 

When the product knowingly doesn’t match the promises, that’s a scam. 

Let me be perfectly clear from here on out and say you need to have a skill you are competent at before you begin positioning yourself an expert of said skill. 

Seems logical yet why do so many try and skip this? 

You don’t have to be world class in the skill you just have to be competent. 

Only then is it a game of positioning. But you can’t skip all the work, skill, and character building! 

I tried this in 2008 and failed. People could see right through me and my skill wasn’t there yet. 

If you think you can get away with it you are mistaken. 

Most of us rebellious types love to hate on the government because they print money, backed by nothing. We know when the bubble pops we will be even more behind. Same thing here. 

The most successful investors in the world all agree one thing: don’t lose money at all costs. This sounds logical but there’s a deeper reason. 

When you lose a dollar, you don’t just make the dollar back. You need to make that dollar just to get back to ground zero. Twice the effort to be profitable.

You may think you can shortcut the process by positioning yourself an expert before you are because Mitch showed you the glitch in the matrix, but what you are doing is printing money backed by nothing that will pop and leave you to do twice the work later to get where you want to go. 

The fastest way to your goals is by working for real. 

Want to be a life coach? First live a life worth coaching people on. 

Want to be a marketing expert? Become an expert worth the crown. 

The quickest way to be an expert in something is to chip away at it methodically and slowly for years, because the alternative is you never get there at all. 

10,000 hours or never at all. In comparison, 10,000 hours seems pretty quick no? 

Looking for shortcuts is only valid after you’ve earned the right to them. 

For all the talk we do about the magic pill masses, we aren’t so different sometimes. 

Become someone you can be proud of- Be the person who owns a jewelry store instead of the person who dreams up schemes to rob one.

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