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Mind Games April 4, 2018Leave a comment


If you say to yourself you have trouble being consistent and disciplined, that’s not actually true.

You are disciplined and consistent even if it’s just being consistent and disciplined at not being consistent and disciplined.

The truth is you just have trouble changing some things you are not consistent about. When you talk to yourself in clear ways, the key to the prison door opens.

There are many things you are disciplined with that you do every day. The trick is to learn how you think about those things you already stick to, and apply that same process to something new.

People will tell me with absolute confidence that they lack confidence.

People who procrastinate are not lazy, it takes a lot of planning and energy to procrastinate. Their brains are more cluttered than those who just act.

Instead of procrastinating, why not just put it off instead? Just procrastinate to procrastinate. Just never get around to procrastinating!

Every statement we make about ourselves is a contradiction, and knowing that opens you up to change anything you want because you are aware of how you talk to yourself and others.

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