8 things I wish I figured out sooner

8 things I wish I figured out sooner April 5, 2018Leave a comment

1. You will never be able to do something well if you aren’t in the mood so always schedule a quick block of time specifically for putting yourself in the mood to get started on the thing

2. Most of what you do in life will suck. Successful people just do a lot more shit and so naturally a few more gems will pop out

3. People crave polarity in business. Because we are naturally all polarizing inside our own heads, and when we see someone with the balls to not censor, we instantly trust and respect it

4. When growing an audience, get them used to buying from you from the start, no matter how little. If they come to expect free, when you sell, they won’t accept it.

5. Say what they are thinking.

6. You actually break and delay rapport by being too professional and politically correct because they can feel the slick Bullshit mask you are hiding behind

7. It’s much easier to figure out who you are and what markets you are a part of and just sell to them instead of trying to learn one you are not a part of

8. Are you walking around selling yourself, or are you so sold on yourself that you don’t need anything and therefore people want to buy you.

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