FREE Persuasion Class Right Here In this Post

FREE Persuasion Class Right Here In this Post April 5, 2018Leave a comment

If everything you’ve ever dreamed of being and having could be had by simply learning one skill…

How far would you go to learn that skill?

I believe persuasion and influence is that skill.

I’m going to always try and give you free information others are charging thousands for.

Ok, so let the class begin

—————————————————————– Project Persuasion Class Part One ————————————————————

The first secret of the skill of persuasion:

Persuading people starts with laying a foundation.

I’m going to teach you something that is not necessary to make a sale, but is so fucking deadly, your competition will be left scratching their nuts wondering what happened.

Persuading begins with persuading yourself.

You must be fully persuaded about your product or service but that can only happen when you have persuaded yourself about WHY your product or service is worth selling.

Here’s the secret: you must link in your mind, the values you stand for with your product.

Understand people don’t buy a product, they buy who they become as a person if they buy it.

They are buying to reinforce the values they want to have be it freedom, intelligence, status etc…

And it’s best if you are a living, breathing example of those values most important to them.

This means you need to show it. Fully.

You need to be a living example of the person they are working to be. Fully rooted in what you stand for.

Because until you are rooted, that is, planted and strong in your shared values, they can’t trust you. If you are shaky, they can’t trust the wobble.

They need something stronger than them to hold on to.

People need someone to follow, to look to for guidance and strength. They need you to be a leader.

That means you need to be the rooted version of the person they are trying to become so they can feel comfortable doing what you say.

So make a few lists.

What is unacceptable to you?

  1. In the way people treat others 2. In how you are treated 3. What we put up with in life

What is unfair in the world?

What are you against?

What do you stand up for?

Ask yourself if your product or service fits those values and helps strengthen them.

It must. Or get a new product.

Because to be a master persuader, you need unshakable confidence. And this comes from the strength of your values.

If you don’t believe in yourself fully yet, it’s Ok, believe in the truth. Believe in your values. Get your strength and confidence from the truths you stand for.

For example, you can have low self-esteem, but if you see someone kicking and punching an innocent puppy, you will be confidently putting an end to that situation…


Because standing up for what is right is more important than yourself.

You starting to get it?

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