I was wrong

I was wrong April 5, 2018Leave a comment

Dead wrong.

And I apologise.

I never meant to lead you down the wrong path…

But I wasn’t the only one…

This common idea is still a huge part of the self-improvement world, maybe even the biggest part… And it’s so fucking wrong

It’s extremely destructive.

Time for me to expose it right now.

One of the biggest blockages we have to becoming free and confident is we care too much about what other people think of us.

You know full well that the opinions of others is the one thing that stops us from slamming our foot on the gas unapologetically.

We do is tell ourselves “I don’t care what anyone thinks of me”

This famous phrase is designed to free you from the opinions of other people…

But what if it was completely fucking wrong?

We’re all told to think it.

I teach it.

I always teach the number one reason you don’t take those big risks outside your comfort zone is because you care what other people think of you.

And you need to stop giving a fuck why they think of you.

And I was wrong.

And so is anyone else who says that.

Because the truth is we can’t NOT care without losing our humanity.

Think about it for a second, can you think of anyone who truly doesn’t care what people think of them?

I can:

Serial killers Pedophiles Rapists Sociopaths

We care deeply.

In fact, try and not care what people think. You can’t do it without becoming mentally ill.

If Eminem cares deeply about what people think of him, then what chance do we have?

We are social creatures.

We can’t not care.

That entire statement sets you up for failure. It sets up an impossible goal, literally.

**A goal that if you did manage to reach you’d become a monster**

As someone who is obsessed with words and the structure of language, I know how certain pieces of language can either trap us or set us free from our problems.

The phrase “I don’t care what people think of me” will keep you from reaching the intended goal that statement is supposed to provide you.

Not caring what people think of you is supposed to be a means to an end. But what’s the end?

The end is having the power and confidence to do what you know is right, regardless of the social pressures against you.

To be yourself no matter what.

This is a mind trip but the phrase itself is what is what’s keeping people from the intended rewards of it.

This phrase is so wrong, it must die.

We must kill it right here and right now.

We must NEVER speak of it again except to discredit it.

It’s poison, false, and dangerous.

We need a new phrase.

The new phrase is

“I have the courage to do what I think is right for me, no matter what other people will say or think about it”

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