Money buys what love can’t

Money buys what love can’t April 5, 2018Leave a comment

I’m sorry but that’s the truth.

Spiritual people, you may need this whacked over your head today to balance out a bit.

Resisting money?

Let’s find out.

Imagine you are alone in your bedroom with a magic lamp.

You rub it and a genie appears.

It’s just you and him, nobody will ever find out.

He says to you “I’m going to make you an offer. You can only choose one or the other”.

You say “sure”.

The genie says “Your bank account number, I can make it go forever higher or forever lower. Which do you choose?”

I already know what you chose.

Nobody on earth will say less unless they are insane or lying.

Money is not evil, but your resistance to it could be.

Because not surrendering to get it handled and be okay having it is hurting you and the people around you…

Money has no emotion. Money has no intention. Money is a byproduct of value creation. You need it. If you need it, then it makes sense to be ok with needing it.

If you walk into a supermarket and try to leave with a cart full of food by only smiling at the cashier, it won’t work. They will want cash, but even if the cashier hates you… you’ll still get to eat.

If your father needs bypass surgery, I don’t care how much love you have in your heart, the hospital will require cold hard cash to keep him alive.

Love may get you a cute puppy, but only cash will get him a vet visit.

You can love with all your heart but your landlord will want cash or your ass will be out the door, sleeping on the street.

Money buys what love can’t.

Take the making of money seriously and stop pretending it’s not important to you. It may not be everything in life, but it’s pretty damn close…


How do you get more money?


Do positive and valuable things for other people and then ask for it.

Make an offer to do something valuable and ask people to give you money for it.

I write this post because too many people wanting to make money in a business have a problem asking for it. If you have a problem asking for it, people will have a big problem giving it to you.

Start asking.

Because people are standing by waiting to give it to you…

They want you to. How long will you make them wait?

You are valuable.

You are valuable enough to receive value back for the value you give.

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