Welcome To The Internet Marketing Casino!

Welcome To The Internet Marketing Casino! April 5, 2018Leave a comment

Most people buying a business course…

Is like sitting down at a poker table…

Buying into it, then randomly standing up and leaving half-way through.

Then walking over to another table and doing it again.

And again!

Until broke.

How many business courses you buy in the last year?

No matter how hard you search, you will never escape the truth: You will need to start an actual business.

Everyone is desperately running around looking for the perfect pickup line to get that quick fuck, instead of just becoming a cool person.

When you stop looking for a quick hit of cash through a money system you don’t follow through on, life will change.

Stop seeking, start working. On ONE fucking thing. Until fruition.

Some of you have kids for god sakes and you are off playing, spending, trolling, and mentally masturbating at the internet marketing casino, looking for a quick hit while the house bleeds you dry.

The ironic thing is most of the dealers are even cheating FOR you.

Frank Kern is counting cards and stacking the deck in your favor, Mitch Miller is pointing at which slot machine to pull, Dan Kennedy is sneaking blackjack strategies into your pocket…

Except all you do is put the money in and leave!

You pay to play then forget to play.

And there’s no comped room in this casino, you’ll be on the street son. And they’ll be on the street too, in a Lambo paid with your money.

Show them all who’s wrong by actually taking action on their trainings.


Give up the moment it gets hard and look for a new one instead.

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