What can Mariah Carey’s embarrassing NYE performance teach us about learning business faster?

What can Mariah Carey’s embarrassing NYE performance teach us about learning business faster? April 5, 2018Leave a comment

Mariah Carey performed in front of a million people in-person and on TV, and was off pitch during her performance.

In my opinion, one VERY important thing:

Unless the person you are listening to has ACTUALLY DONE what it is you are trying to do, there is always one piece of hidden information… that will prevent their opinion from meaning jack shit (and thus screwing you all up… see, I’m not just Mr. Angry marketing douche, I actually care about your success lol).

Case in point – Mariah Carey.

Now… if you listen to:

– The reporters (ie: clickbait scumbags) – random fans, haters, etc…

You will see opinions based on what they saw:

– She was lip syncing and this proves it! – She actually can’t sing! I knew it – etc…

First of all, she has been singing forever, and if these people even remotely stepped to the front of a million people like she did, their bowels would immediately evacuate all over the stage… but that’s neither here nor there – Here is my point:

Unless you’ve been a MUSICIAN IE: Actually done this shit, you are missing a key piece of information in being able to have an opinion worth more than a David Hasselhoff autograph, and the hidden piece of information is this:

I don’t care how “loud” it is up on stage – if her earpiece is not working and she can’t hear her own voice, it will be IMPOSSIBLE for her to be on pitch.

To a professional vocalist, you’d rather die than be off pitch.

Of course, if you’ve never been involved in music production, you have no clue that she can’t hear herself sing OVER THE NOISE OF A MILLION FUCKING PEOPLE…. and so yes… there will be a slight issue lol.

The same in business – Too many jerkoffs trying to tell you how to swing the axe to chop down giant redwoods, yet all they ever done was cut a lil kindling. That’s dangerous because there is missing information… and axes can cut you.

Remember – unless we’ve actually done that something… best for us to shut the fuck up and listen to those who have because odds are, there’s that little hidden piece of information needed not to fuck the whole thing sideways… and if our mouths are always open trying to prove we are smart, we might miss the real wisdom.

It makes for cleaner airspace, less noise pollution, and a happier world to keep our judgments and opinions based on experience only.

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