Your Life Is Now A TV Show

Your Life Is Now A TV Show April 5, 2018Leave a comment

And it can’t be canceled…

Will you bore us with reruns or will you make it a show to never forget?

Because, whether you like it or not, your show is on the air. I mean this very literally.

The switch from radio to TV revolutionized media and our lives.

The same revolution is happening right now.

This means media companies like Facebook are like giant interactive TV stations just like CNN. Our profiles are a t.v. show. They gave you your own tv show without you knowing. They put you on display. They curated YOU for the content of their network.

Imagine if Fox aired a billion different reality shows without anyone realizing it and all of a sudden you realized you were the freakshow.

And the patients run the asylum now.

So this means it’s never been a better time to either make your own channel and then advertise on these bigger stations, or just continue to syndicate directly on a big channel like this… best to choose one channel to master and move to other channels for lead generation only… to funnel people into your private TV station or your show that’s on this TV station called Facebook.

Your life is now a TV show. And you can’t be canceled. Will you bore is with reruns or will you make it a show to never forget?

If you want to win in today’s world, don’t think funnels and advertising.

Think shows.

Don’t even think shows…

Think station. If your business theme had its own station, what would that look like? What shows would be on it? Who would be the stars? And the commercials?

Your success and domination will be more in becoming the food network, then just some social media marketing to some videos.

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