From Nobody To Somebody: 59 Secrets To Quickly Moving Up The Ladder In Your Niche

From Nobody To Somebody: 59 Secrets To Quickly Moving Up The Ladder In Your Niche April 6, 2018Leave a comment

I’ll show you…

– How to make a name for yourself
– Become a respected online persona
– ‎Position yourself for massive success

Told you I’d write something for you on the plane, here are 59 thoughts currently swimming in my mind.

1. You must provide value but value isn’t usually what you think it is.

Most people post factual “good” content. But usually just crickets and a few likes.

Value might be something else.

Sometimes value is simply entertainment.

Sometimes it’s being living proof of a better version of themselves.

Rarely is it good factual content.

But value is mostly intangible and easier than you may think.

An alignment of values.

Many times this can translate to simply having a Misson people can get behind.

This mission can Trump all other forms of value because you give people one of their biggest desires on earth: belonging and to matter.

Where they can finally feel like they are home.

So what if we are thinking about value all wrong. Too tactically.

We are emotional creatures and do things to avoid pain and gain pleasure.

What if… It’s just that you make them feel emotions they like feeling or are addicted to.

Make them feel.


That said, I can also think of at least 40 more tactical things value can be.

1.5 What you don’t say is far more powerful than what you do say and what you are seen doing is more important that both of those

2. Positioning at it’s core is differentiation.

In the mind of your consumer, virtually every vendor is the same.

Your personality the prime weapon you have to differentiate with.

And so value to someone can also include Differentiation.

Pink hair can be enough differentiation to become one of the most well known people in your industry by grabbing attention and directing focus.

Peacocking theory.

3. You don’t have to be everywhere, just everywhere they are looking. Focus

4. Just like the word “copywriting” positioning is a lame term.

I need to come up with a better label.

5. Mission & Values. Have you written them down. Because if you cant recite them instantly and clearly, you think your audience can?

6. How many Displays of status do you show every week. And do you know exactly what they are in your particular market

7. Do you have repeated ideas, catchphrases, and concepts written out. Have you taken universal principles and named them your own yet. Because that’s what all the greats do

8. Are you building authority through your tonality. Are you afraid of confrontation. Better not be if you want to be seen as credible and respectablem

9. Do you have strategies to deal with people testing your position (Hint: If your position is rooted in a solid repeatable BIGGER META mission, you’ll be indestructible. For example, freedom.)

10. Outward blatant displays of status (relative to what that means to your market) is the greatest form of beginning the marketing campaign. The best and their teams are doing what works BEST to get the MOST attention. And it’s literally as simple as that.

A few are willing to do what works the best while most are not either because they don’t want to, don’t believe they can, or they can’t yet.

11. It’s probably a mistake to offer your services for sale before there’s a sufficient demand for you to provide them first

12. Knowing is one thing. Being known for knowing is another.

13. Highest status wins. Totem pole because people compare.

14. You are creating celebrity.

15. You are in the business of being yourself

All of the people you look up to have varying personalities right? How varied? Pretty varied right? So this means you don’t have to be a someone you are not, just very comfortable with who you are.

16. There is power in mystery. It has power because people fear and romaticize what they don’t know with their own imaginations

17. The 3 fastest paths to credibility: Writing, speaking, publicity.

You must get published.
– books
– articles
– articles about you
– interviews with you
– videos

You must speak.
– enormous credibility

18. Smaller the pond, the easier it is to be recognized as big fish.

Smart people create a brand in several different small ponds instead of a single brand to a single large pond.

19. Why people are terrible at positioning:

Look down on self Promotion and bragging.

Ignorance. Many times people are analytical and havant taken the time to focus on this side of the equation.

Insecurity. Uncertain of their value, or afraid of confrontation, easily intimidated.


20. Too many people cluttering up the idea of positioning. It’s not to be unique, or different, that is the means. For our purposes, it’s to create demand.

Demand for services, interviews, time, attention, appearances.

21. So what creates demand?

David Ogilvy said Perceived scarcity will generate demand.

I think he is wrong.

Scarcity does not automatically heighten demand.

We all know people and businesses who may be perceived as scarce, but we don’t give a shit about them.

A diamond isn’t in demand JUST because it’s scarce. That was his error.

It’s only if the market first believes you are valuable enough for the scarcity to matter.

Back to value again.

22. I believe there are 4 pillars to positioning yourself as a credible authority.

Proof has to be in there somewhere.

Authority without proof is suspicious and delusion. Looks like you are faking it.

Demanding Authority without good content is short lived as it doesn’t foster likability and therefore trust.

Authority needs trust and that comes through giving value.

23. The 4 Pillars of positioning I made up

Value giving
Social proof

Mastering these 4 will:

1. Increase amount of offers (demand)
2. Lower price resistance (raise amount you can charge)
3. Increase speed of desired positioning
4. Increase quality of offers

24. Mind blowing thought experiment

Take out authority out of this equation and you’d probably still end up having authority by doing the other three correctly.

25. Another mind blowing thought experiment

Take out value giving and it’s very difficult to get to the stage of social proof or authority as you’d have to end up buying it.

This is why people who aren’t that good at coming up with content get STUCK in their positioning and there seems like a ceiling they can’t punch through

26. Third mind blowing thought experiment

Take out scarcityand if you did the other 3 correctly, scarcity would be created naturally.

27. Take out social proof and if all of the others are done properly, you will end up with social proof.

I believe I can see exactly where someone is at and what is holding on them back just by looking at these 4 factors.

It’s also clear that the EASE and SPEED depends on the quality of your content.

28. You need all 4 pieces building up at the same time for this to work. If one is missing, you never generate explosive demand.

That’s the secret. And why most people never get there. They need to feel worthy enough to progress from say proof of value giving to then get social proof to get authority to use scarcity.

That’s like a forever road. A fools path.

Just build all 4 pillars at once

29. And don’t wait for permission from others to add each pillar to your life. Bad. Most people wait to be granted status but that’s not how status works.

Status is is self granted. Literally. Your brain will look to how you are perceived by others and assign you a status level. This status level determines seratonin secretion and a bunch of other factors.

30. As Cialdini says, “Liking” is a core influence tactic but to me its not as important though and probably comes to you automatically with building authority, value giving, scarcity, and social proof.

31. So… What creates demand?

*Higher status over your market through authority.

*Constantly giving value to show proof, gain trust, and induce reciprocity.
– belief
– ‎ proof
– ‎ trust

*Other people vouching for you and talking about you


Bonus… *Irresistible offers and a strong message to market match

32. When positioning yourself correctly and to be seen as the best, you need to create 4 different written plans.

-Authority plan
-Scarcity plan
-Value plan
-Social proof plan

33. Then you will need to create your reputation identity to make everything in the plans consistent.

-Competencies known for 3-5
-Character traits 3-5
-What you stand for.
-Things you’d never do for money
-Type of people you won’t do biz with
-Your beliefs

34. “People will do anything for those who encourage their dreams, justify their failures, allay their fears, confirm their suspicions, and help them throw rocks at their enemies.”

What are their dreams?
What’s has their past experiences been like?
What are their fears?
What do they suspect to be true?
Who are their enemies?

35. Attraction vs pursuit.

In order to be pursued you must stop pursuing. Not pursuing creates a vacuum where you will begin being pursued. But you can’t really do both easily.

You want them attracted to you because:
– heard you speak
– read a book
– read an article
– read an article about you
– had someone refer to you
– on the news

36. Quality check every piece of content you do by using my simple 2 point checklist:

With everything you see or do, ask yourself, is this a demonstration of higher value or lower value?

37. You’ll be more believable if you’re not perfect. A useful flaw in your character makes you more interesting and gives you a hook so that you penetrate deeply into the minds of your marketplace

38. Develop a vision for the market. Where you want to see it go and where you’ll lead it

39. Become a polarizing figure to get attention

40. Develop your own Phraseology and language. Because it removes comparisons to competition therefore you dictate value and they can’t price shop, because you are it. This is a major secret.

41. The successful construction of the business expert is one of ordinary/extraordinary, so to position them as “just like” the audience despite obvious extraordinary knowledge, control, and power.

42. Exaggerate for the cameras. Gordon Ramsay is an exaggerated version of himself for the cameras. He has the vocational skill/Above average expertise. He has the skill to address the camera (televisual) and he has his performance style (Confrontational/Aggressive).

He may play a heightened version of himself, but is positioned as authentic or rather, just as he is.

“Their ruthlessness is legitimized by their off camera achievements. ”

43. Experts who directly address the audience have far more rapport than those who sit and judge (think Shark Tank). In fact, Shark Tank used to gloat and show the jets and crazy shit until the economy collapsed in 2009. They had to tone it down.
This says there is a certain masking that must be done.

Prior to the recession people maybe aspired and were motivated, but didn’t identify with them. When recession hit and pessimism set in, no identification or aspiration.

Unless… the can see it as reachable for themselves through that persons rags to riches story.

So goes to say, always harp a rags to riches narrative repeated over in the media that is distinct and recognizable and that is well pieced together so they can identify and aspire and see themselves through you.

Also be direct to the audience to amplify these effects. This story needs to be some adversity due to background, no academic, injustice, class, or race to achieve success through hard work.

This narrative is presented to them as reachable.

44. Most celebrity entrepreneurs get to the very top in an interesting way.

They are usually doing okay and have some success but are by no means at the upper echelon of their industry or annointed by their peers as exceptional and the best.

So what they do is cultivate a successful televisual image through a show, then wider media profile that can be exploited by cultural intermediaries(stories about you and your content) into an individual brand, selling those tv programs along with books, biographies, speaking engagements.

This can work with a speech as well (think Simon Sineks Ted talk)

This then feeds into their own business interests at the same time as establishing them as a celebrity in which their public and personal personals become increasingly blurred. It is this ability to function as a celebrity-commodity


You could go for the big guns.

Phil Hall Associates is a PR firm that specializes in reputation management and celebrity PR. Includes Gordon Ramsay.

Max Clifford Associates = Simon Cowell.

46. You must proclaim your new status.

You must boast.
You must specialize.
You must be visible.
You must be connected to high status people.
You must use dramatic demonstration.

47. Exploiting status is more important than having talent

48. Make sure people know about your hobbies

49. Peter Popoff is an example of someone who doesn’t have to have talent, his market believed his conviction, authority, “reciprocity through giving hope” and social proof. People projected and went with his beliefs. He was a scumbag though but the principles still apply.

50. The fewer people you compete with, the fewer people you can be compared to. Create your own category

51. You decide what people see of your life. Not everything is their fucking business.

Their business is what you decide is their business. And which topics are off limits. Being a completely open book is a liability.

An open book doesn’t reveal all it’s pages at once

52. Spin your biggest flaws into your greatest attributes.

53. The giant bomb dropper is that just by being the most generous to your market than anyone else is willing to be, you are automatically seen as a scarce resource and all these positioning tactics become secondary because acting like this automatically assmumes all of this.

Not needy.

Like being the coolest guy at the bar. Its a scarce resource. You game the others for speed.

This is why most people are failing. They are trying to game one or a few of the 4 pillars.

54. Be known as a Scarce VALUABLE resource. Not just scarce like Ogilvy said.

What makes you a scarce valuable resource?

It’s all perception. So price. Exclusivity. Your story. The belonging they can get

55. People who accept you as an authority will ignore incongruent elements about yourself and accept virtually any idea or promise no matter how outrageous.

56. Fundamental premise of Advertising is perception IS reality.

57. Credentials without aggressive promotion = invisible and starve to death.

58. Aggressive promotion without credentials leaves you open to attack and vunerable.

59. Give them an answer to questions they didn’t know they even had.

That’s it for now. I could go on forever.

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